1. Event:
    Fit Event Gift Bags: Ecco Bella

    We’re thrilled to have Ecco Bella as one of our gift bag sponsors for out Fit Event and Trunkshow! As a pioneer in the natural beauty field, Ecco Bella products are not only free of water, gluten, dyes and preservatives, Ecco Bella  speaks out for animal rights, conserving  the environment and supports ethical farmers by creating products that are effective and beneficial for everyone.

    For our Fit Trial and Trunkshow gift bags, Ecco Bella is supplying their natural- preserved, gluten free and cruelty-free lip gloss. Read on to learn more about Ecco Bella and their “Good For You Gloss” that will be in the gift bags for all participants!

    Spots are filling up fast so if you haven’t already reserved your space for our event, do so soon!
    More information on the event is here. Hope to see you there!

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    Fit Event Gift Bags: Kahina Giving Beauty


    We’ve been huge fans of Kahina Giving Beauty for a number of years and are really excited to be able to share this holistic and fairly traded line of organic skin care with you. The Kahina Giving Beauty skin care line combines the antioxidant powers of argan with other beneficial organic certified and natural ingredients for a simple yet highly effective regimen for all skin types.

    For our Fit Event and Trunkshow taking place Nov 3rd-5th in New York City, Kahina Giving Beatuy will be providing samples of their new results-driven, restorative Night Cream.

    Read on to be inspired by their story, products and women behind Kahina Giving Beauty.
    And, to learn more about our Fit Event and Trunkshow. visit here.

    We hope to see you there!

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    Fit Event Gift Bags: Stark Skincare

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    We recently discovered Stark Skincare and are so excited to try out their products! Stark Skincare is an all- natural, vegan/cruelty-free, small-beauty batch brand from Montreal, Canada that focuses on protecting and healing skin from environmental damages caused by city living.

    Read on to learn more about Stark Skincare’s philosophy on ingredients, production and animal welfare. Be sure to sign up for our Fit Event and Trunkshow to snag a full size bottle of their antioxidant-rich facial oil Cypress Purity + Defense oil! Bottles are limited to the first 10 sign-ups, so don’t wait!

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    Fit Event Gift Bags: Frownies


    We’re so excited to share Frownies with you. This environmentally sustainable, cruelty-free, non toxic skincare has been around for over a century. Frownies is not a wrinkle cream or a lotion, in fact, Frownies are patches that help reshape your facial muscles by preventing facial movement, using nothing toxic, helping you age naturally, beautifully and gracefully.

    Read on to learn more about Frownies and to find out what product they’ll be sponsoring for our gift bags during our Fit Trial and Trunkshow! If you haven’t already taken the survey and  booked your appointment for the event, do so here!

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    Fit Event Gift Bags: Glee Gum


    If you look at the ingredients in most chewing gum, you’ll discover loads of unpronounceable items. Not Glee Gum. It’s all natural. That means no artificial coloring, no artificial flavoring, no preservatives – just great chewing gum that keeps its chewing texture and taste, the way gum should. This is one of the many reasons were so excited that Glee Gum is sponsoring our gift bags for our Fit Event and Trunkshow!

    Read on to learn more about Glee Gum and find out what they’ll be sponsoring in our gift bags for our Fit Event and Trunkshow taking place from November 3rd-5th! If you haven’t already registered, learn more about the event and fill out our survey and book your appointment here.

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    Fit Event Gift Bags: Great American Sewing Kit


    We’ve been searching for ages trying to discover a high quality, made in the USA, sewing kit to share with you and were so excited to discover the Great American Sewing Kit! The Great American Sewing Kit contains all the essential sewing notions needed for repairs at home or on the go. The Kit not only supports US Manufacturing by sourcing items made in the USA but also empowers and encourages everyone to learn how to sew by supplying tools made to last.

    We’re thrilled that the Great American Sewing Kit will be sponsoring our Fit Event and Trunkshow by giving one sample Sewing Kit to every participant along with a coupon for 15% off the full-sized kits. Read on to learn more about the founder, Emily and what supplies are in the kit.

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  7. Event:
    Fit Event Gift Bags: Beauty Without Cruelty


    Beauty Without Cruelty cosmetics was founded in England almost 50 years ago by trustees of the BWC Charitable Trust, an animal welfare organization with a business philosophy that is 100% vegetarian and 100% natural. We’re honored to be sponsored by this intelligent, responsible and compassionate beauty care company.

    Read on to learn more about the history of Beauty Without Cruelty and about the Facial Cleanser they’ll be sponsoring for our gift bag!

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  8. Event:
    Carrie Parry Fit Event and Trunk Show
    in collaboration with Alvanon


    We’re so excited to announce that we’re hosting a Fit Trial and Trunkshow in collaboration with Alvanon from November 3rd through November 7th in New York City. Alvanon, the leading Fit Apparel Expert, has been our mentor over the years and it’s been so incredible to have their support and technical advice; they’re such a knowledgeable team!

    We’re inviting all women between the sizes of zero and fourteen to come try on our seasonless collection at the Alvanon Headquarters in Manhattan. Simply sign up online, schedule an appointment time, and fill out a quick, five-minute survey on your ideal fit and your size.

    When you arrive at our event, you’ll be invited to offer your feedback on the fit of our seasonless collection and receive 40% off. As a bonus, we’ll also be offering a 20% off coupon for a future online purchase of your choice, plus a gift bag valued at over $100 sponsored by Acure Organics, Aura CaciaAnnmarie GianniBeauty without CrueltyBiokleen, Core Home Divine ChocolateEcco BellaFrowniesGlee GumGreat American Sewing KitGrounds for ChangeJohn Masters OrganicsKahina Giving BeautyNatraCare, Plantlife, PurOrganic, Reed’s, Stark Skincare and Yogi Tea with some of our favorite products.

    This is an event you seriously don’t want to miss!

    Sign up and fill out our survey at: http://carrieparry.alvafit.com

    145 W 30th St.
    Suite 1000
    New York, NY 10001

    Dates: November 3rd-November 5th, 9am-7pm

    For more information about Alvanon, visit their official website at http://alvanon.com.

  9. Features:
    Finding the Right Fit with Alvanon


    We’re so grateful to Alvanon for all the mentoring they’ve given us over the years. Check out the Sept/Oct issue of Textile Insight to find out more about how Janice Wang– Alvanon CEO– works to bring technical skills back to the forefront of issue including how they’ve personally guided us to achieve our fit.

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