Fit Event Sponsorship for Gift Bags:


“Caldrea was founded on a simple and powerful idea – that caring for the home should be a beautiful experience. In our world, beauty is so much more than skin deep. It is a vital force that fuses elegance, sophistication and natural goodness.  It has a luxurious and approachable ease that we crave in our daily lives.  It inspires a steady and authentic commitment to changing our world for the better.

Every day, we aim to provide the most gratifying and thoroughly addictive home care line available. We’re passionate about choosing the most potent and responsible ingredients that are incredibly effective, yet safe and gentle for our homes and our loved ones.  But our true happiness comes from the vibrant heart that centers our product experience, connecting beauty, thoughtfulness and optimism.  It is a reflection of the positivity we hope to inspire in people’s lives.

Every Caldrea product does what it sets out to do – make the daily tasks of caring for ourselves easier, more satisfying and safe.  Made to exacting standards, they are ideal for anyone concerned about the impact of conventional cleansers on the environment – yours and everyone else’s. Or simply for anyone who prefers products without compromise – in scent, performance, aesthetics or touch.”


For our Fit Trial and Trunkshow gift bags, Caldrea is supplying an assortment of full-sized specialty laundry products. Details about each particular product can be found below.

Delicate Wash: 16 fl oz, $10, Sea Salt Neroli Created with fragile fabrics in mind- washable woolens, cashmere, lingerie, nylon, silk, and linen. Gentle plant surfactants and essential oils create fresh, clean things.

Sport Wash: 16 fl oz, $10, Palmarosa Wild Mint Keep active wear in great shape, particularly moisture-wicking microfiber and spandex fabrics.  Plant-derived surfactants preserve stretch and restore clean. Vegetable extracts make odors vanish. HE formula.

Dark Wash: 16 fl oz, $10, Mandarin Vetiver Specially formulated for jeans and other blue or black clothing. Plant-derived surfactants and a special enzyme help to extend the color of your darks. HE formula.

To view more of their amazing aromatheuraputic homekeeping products, visit the official Caldrea website, and also be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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